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Estoppel Certificate or Letter Regular Service

10 Business Day Turnaround

Estoppel Certificate or Letter RUSH Service

3 Business Day Turnaround

Questionnaire Regular Service

10 Business Day Turnaround

Questionnaire RUSH Service

3 Business Day Turnaround

*If a delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee of $150.00 will be charged to the requestor.

Allied’s Processing Team will send Requestor an email advising them that the account has a delinquent amount as well as instructions on how to pay the additional $150 fee.  This fee must be paid PRIOR to the estoppel being released.

Estoppel Certificate or Letter for Multiple Units owned by the same owner that are simultaneously requested from the same association and there are no past due monetary obligations owed to the association, the statement of monies due for those units may be delivered in one or more estoppel certificates.  The total fee to be charged is as follows:

For 25 or fewer units:


For 26 to 50 units:


For 51 to 100 units:


For more than 100 units:


An estoppel certificate that is hand delivered or sent by electronic means has a 30 day effective period.  An estoppel certificate that is sent by regular mail has a 35 day effective period.  If an amendment of this Estoppel Certificate or Letter is requestedafter this period, you must submit a new request and fee.

If the Estoppel Certificate or Letter requested is in conjunction with the sale or mortgage of a unit but the closing does not occur and no later than 30 days after the closing date for which the certificate was sought, the Requestor must submit a written request, accompanied by reasonable documentation that the sale did not occur from a payor that is not the unit owner, the fee shall be refunded to the Requestor within 30 days after receipt of the request.

Entity responsible for Estoppel request:
Allied Property Group Phone: (305) 232-1579
All requests must be submitted via email

For any questions, please email Martha Jiron

Email: mjiron@alliedpropertygroup.net