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Association Standards in Decorating during the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. The holidays are just around the corner. We know that as a Board member you have a lot of ideas as to how to decorate your community.  But it is important that residents know what they can and cannot do regarding Holiday decorations for their home. As a result, we recommend that the Board create rules regarding Holiday decorations. One option is for the Board to appoint members to a Holiday Committee to develop decorating rules and regulations.

Four (4) things to consider when decorating your Association:

  1. Timeframe

Associations should provide clear guidelines for when a member can put up and take down their Holiday decorations. They should ensure that decorations do not go up too early and that they are not taken down too late. For example, a rule requiring decorations to be removed by mid-January would be reasonable.

  1. Size Matters

To prevent inappropriate décor, the size must also be taken into consideration. Some Associations do not allow bulky decorations in front of the doorway, especially if it is in a hallway thus narrowing the passage. The size of the decorations may also cause safety hazards.

  1. Health & Safety

This should be the primary concern of all Association members and officers.  Holiday lights and décor that use electricity can be a hazard, especially if an extension cord is overloaded.  In addition, holiday lights should not hang and should be securely fastened.

  1. Religion

The Association should not adopt rules and regulations that are discriminatory against any one religion.

It is always good that Associations adopt formal policies for decorating during the holidays.  All rules and regulations should be reviewed by the Association’s attorney and the Association should follow it’s attorney’s advice on the best way to implement those Rules. This way, problems may be handled appropriately before the holidays arrive. Happy Holidays!


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