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Is Your Board or Association Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season?

The NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released its annual Hurricane Forecast. In it, they outline the improvements made to their hurricane tracking and forecasting systems. They also make predictions for this years’ storm season.

There have been many new improvements at the NOAA. They’ve added 3 new satellites to their tool kit that can help forecasters and improve the accuracy of their models. The NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) is extending storm surges and watches to include Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. They are also now providing information on excessive rainfall predictions. The NOAA’s famed Hurricane Hunter aircraft has been upgraded as well, with better radar and higher resolutions. All of these improvements hope to increase the accuracy of their storm predictions.

While all of these improvements are good news, there is more for those of us living in Hurricane Alley. The NOAA states there is a 40% chance for a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, with a 30% chance of either being more active than normal or less. A ‘normal’ season includes 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes, and 2-4 major hurricanes.

Hurricane Preparation is extremely important, especially here in South Florida, where it seems to be an annual occurrence. We’ve created several pieces to help you prepare and while these writings and podcasts may be a couple years old, their relevance cannot be understated.

In our Community Association Matters article titled Hurricane Preparedness 101, we outline the basics of preparing yourself and your household for the storm. Our interview with the Assistant Code Compliance Director of the City of Doral, Edgard Estraded, provides basic guidelines for storm preparation and cleanup that stands the test of time.

Do you know what to do during or after a hurricane? offers guidance in talking to children about the storm. It goes into specifics on the clean-up process, including important safety precautions. It outlines how to best document storm damages and offers suggestions on adhering to your association’s guidelines for repairs.

For some specific information on what you are responsible for and what your community’s association is responsible for, we suggest you read the article or listen to the podcast titled Is your Condominium or Homeowners Association Ready for a Hurricane?  In our interview with City of Doral staff, they discuss items which should be done regularly during hurricanes season and things to be done within a community in preparation for a storm.

The importance of being prepared for a hurricane cannot be understated. Because of its importance, we’ve provided additional links for you to review. Be safe this season!

Broward County Official Hurricane Guide:

Hurricanes Readiness Guide, Miami-Dade County:

NOAA’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide:

Ready’s Hurricane Guide:

Florida Disaster’s Shelter List:

ASPCA’s Animal Preparedness Page:


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