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Recruit top prospects for your HOA board

Recruit top prospects for your HOA board

One of the best ways to enhance your community is to become a member of the HOA board. Yet, at times, filling positions on the board can be challenging. Recruiting top prospect board members can be a crucial part of the success of your community. Here are a few tips for recruiting potential HOA board members.

Use their specific talents

Some homeowners may be hesitant to join the HOA board because they do not feel like they have what it takes to do the job. However, the HOA board needs to have members with a variety of skills in order to function properly. Find people in your community who are skilled in different areas like construction, gardening, information technology and others. Appeal to the homeowner’s specific talents and you will have a higher probability that they will join.

Turn a complaint into a positive role

When a homeowner expresses discontent in the way an association is being led, this complaint is an opportunity to encourage the residents to get involved in the process.

Educate homeowners about the HOA

The work that the HOA board is completing on a regular basis may be overlooked in some instances. Make sure that the boards’ accomplishments are made public, so homeowners can be aware of all the great things being done to better the community. Regularly send letters to the homeowners and let them know that they can add their own talents and skills into the efforts.

Low-commitment positions

Some homeowners may not be willing to join because of lack of time or they may be afraid that it is too much responsibility. Low-commitment activities is a great way to get a homeowner to participate without overloading their basket. Committees are a great start for the hesitant resident.


Recruiting board members is one of the most important tasks that you will accomplish. The stronger the board, the stronger the community. Take your time to find the best candidates for the different tasks in your HOA board.


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