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Managing an Association Through a Pandemic

Running an Association, whether it be a homeowner or a condominium, is a heavy undertaking when things are operating as expected. Associations are designed to be prepared for many things. When a hurricane approaches, you have guidelines and responsibilities, you probably also have some experience to lean on. A global pandemic is new. It’s not something you’ve planned for, and certainly not something you can look to an experienced person for advice regarding. Your residents haven’t either, so keeping things moving and knowing your associations’ rights is a priority.

Keeping Your Association Running

The good news is that many of the provisions already written into the language of your agreement provide you with the abilities needed to keep things moving. When Governor DeSantis issued a State of Emergency for Florida this opened up emergency measures, allowing Boards to invoke a variety of powers that can only be accessed in such circumstances. These provisions should allow your association to keep running, without too much disruption.

Board Meetings:

Notice for Board meetings, especially ones to discuss COVID-19, can be given as is practicable.  You must still provide notice of the meetings in a practical manner, such as mail service, Internet, conspicuous posting on the property and more.

Per CDC Guidelines, meetings must contain no more than 10 people. Section 617.0721(3) Florida Statutes allows votes to be conducted via conference call. The association must be able to reasonably determine the person on the phone is the legal member/resident.

The Board is also responsible for adhering to CDC guidelines and when necessary, cancel or reschedule board meetings to maintain social distancing or other directives.

Common Elements:

The Board is also able to close the common elements on a property in order to protect the residents. This is done with authority from the CDC and government emergency officials.

The Board may also authorize an increase in the frequency or the nature of cleaning these elements.

Private Information:

Members of the Board are not permitted to share private health information with any resident. This means that you may not divulge the fact that any resident has been tested or does/does not have the virus with the exception of yourself.

Allied Can Help

Allied Property Group is fully equipped to continue to function in a remote manner. Please email us with any questions. Maintenance Fee payments must continue to be made in the same manner.  You may continue sending your payment to the address provided by your association, make payment through the Owner Portal (for those Associations that offer it), or make payment through Allied’s website (Online Services, then Online Payments, Maintenance Fee Payments).

Applications can ONLY be submitted via EMAIL until further notice.   Payment of the Application Fee must also be made via Allied’s website by going to Online Service, Online Payments, Application Processing.   The receipt of payment along with the application and all required forms must be sent together. Otherwise, the application is considered incomplete and will be rejected.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are still here to help. Please be patient with us, as we, just like you, are navigating a new experience.


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